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For more backround about Ladyboys, every month we will provide a new LINK for you. This month it is a link with information about the ACTUAL THAI MOVIE -"THE BEAUTIFUL BOXER."  An intersting and funny movie with a  REAL story that is made to international standards and with excellent ACTORS and ACRESSESS.  Subtitled in English or with English soundtrack. If you have the chance to BUY or SEE this movie we can highly recommend it FOR SOME INSIGHT INTO MUAI-THAI AND EASY LAUGHTER !

A Bangkok Post editorial thought the announcement by the “Queen of Boxing” worthy of caution, noting, “It is difficult enough being a woman, and could be doubly so for Nong Tum since society will not readily accept him as one.”

This drama is based on the dramatic and unique real story of Thai boxer Parinya “Nong Toom” Charoenpol (Asanee Suwan). The tale follows Parinya from his childhood in a family home living on the borders of poverty in Northern Thailand to his years as a novice Buddhist monk, tracing the pressures and influences that led to the blossoming of his feminine side and his life as the lipstick-sporting "lady-boy" boxer. After pummeling men in the ring, Parinya used the sport as a stepping-stone to a sex change operation, fulfilling his boyhood dream of becoming a woman. 


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